I’m Sorry, Could You Repeat That?

There are an estimated 23 million non-native English speakers in the American workforce today. Oftentimes, language barriers can lead to miscommunication in educational and professional settings that reduce efficiency and productivity. At Vegas Voice Institute, we provide accent reduction services to professionals and students who need to gain strong command of the English language in order to speak as clearly and effectively as possible.

What We Do

Our highly skilled speech therapists offer training sessions to help you learn the American sound system, including the rules and customs of proper pronunciation, so that you can communicate with your colleagues with maximum clarity and ease. We offer these sessions either in our office or from the comfort of your own home via online video conferencing.

Do We Have Your Attention?

Do our accent reduction services sound like what you’re looking for? We are pleased to offer you a FREE SCREENING! We ask that you fill in the blanks of the following form and make it grammatically correct to the best of your ability. Then record yourself reading it aloud, and send it to us!

Good morning. My name is _____________. I was born in _____________________ in the year of ________. I went to study in the field of _________________ and now work as a ________________________________ at the company of_________________________________. My first language is _____________________ and I have been speaking English for _______ years. My biggest challenge when speaking is_______________________________________________________________________________________________________. I wish to hear from you soon and hope you have a great day!

Adapted from Rules 2006 by Feinstein-Whittaker & Lynda Katz Wilner

Accent Reduction