Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT)

Treatment available at our facility or via video connection by telepractice from abroad (eLoud)

LSVT Loud is a therapy treatment for Parkinson disease and other neurological conditions. Virtually every person with Parkinson disease (89%) will have problems with speech, voice, or swallowing. Common problems include a soft voice, monotone speech, hoarseness, and mumbled speech. More than 15 years of research funded by National Institute of Health has documented that treatment is effective.

LSVT Loud is:

  • One month

  • One session per day

  • Four days per week

LSVT Loud research has demonstrated improved vocal loudness, improved speech intelligibility, and more facial expression present. Vegas Voice Institute has certified LSVT speech-language pathologists on staff.

latest Video Posts


Watch our patient Doug increase his loudness with "ah"

Lee Silvermen Voice Treatment

Watch our patient sing some Elvis in his LSVT voice therapy. Listen as he uses his recent "quiet voice" to a "loud voice" in speech therapy.


Listen to our PD patient use his loud voice while reading in voice therapy. You too can "think loud!"