why choose Vegas Voice Institute

Linda Ganz with Pateint

  • Clear and honest communication

  • Wide range of services offered in Las Vegas and abroad

  • Expert staff with more than 38 years of combined experience

  • State-of-the-art technology

  • Advanced training in Vital Stim, FEES & Stroboscopy

  • LSVT certified speech therapists for face-to-face sessions or by video connection

  • Collaborative, professional team

  • Compassionate service

we are Vegas Voice Institute

Vegas Voice Institute is an outpatient speech therapy clinic offering a wide range of services in the Las Vegas area and extending nationwide with our telepractice program. With advanced voice and swallowing training, our licensed speech language pathologists are dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of speech and voice problems and helping our patients succeed.

We also treat professional voice users, including singers, actors, speakers, teachers and other individuals who rely on their voice for a living. Additionally, Vegas Voice Institute offers specialized speech services, such as stuttering, accent reduction, cognitive memory rehabiliation and articulation problems.

Our experts provide speech-language services with two goals in mind: improve the patient's understanding of their diagnosis and work as an integral part of the patient's medical team to advance their recovery.

With the assistance of our trained staff, patients actively participate in improving their speech and voice so they can resume normal life. By working with our therapists, patients are empowered to continue their plan of care at home. Because after all, our patient's progress matters most to us.

As a partner in care, Vegas Voice Institute works closely with physicians to provide an effective bridge for communication between our patients and their medical team.