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At Vegas Voice Institute we provide voice therapy to children to help them regain their normal voices. Being a child can be hard enough and we understand that being able to communicate as a child is extremely important in the learning process. We provide an effective and fun voice therapy service. 

In assessing the pediatric voice, we look at a variety of factors including medical history, perceptual judgements, acoustic and aerodynamic measurements, and laryngeal visualization. Vocal cord nodules are the most common type of pediatric dysphonia, but not the only type. We treat a multitude of disorders including vocal nodules, puberphonia, paradoxical vocal fold motion a.k.a vocal cord dysfunction (VCD) and others. 

Depending on the diagnosis, there are several different courses of treatment available. If voice therapy is indicated we target behaviors in which the child may be abusing or misusing their voice and teaching healthier ways to use their voice. We involve the family in therapy to ensure that the activities are transitioning out of the therapy room and into real life and school. We use a variety of different strategies including diaphragmatic breathing, resonant voice and vocal function exercises to improve the voice. Children want to be able to yell and play so we help children do that in a way that won’t be damaging to their voice. Voice therapy at Vegas Voice Institute will be fun for your child and educational for both of you. It is important to us that your child can communicate effectively at school and at home, speak with less effort, and not feel afraid to use their voice when they want to.