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A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a brain injury that results from trauma to the head of some sort. These are commonly the result of automobile accidents, gunshot wounds, assaults, and falls. The brain is not directly attached to the skull, but rather is suspended in cerebrospinal fluid, protected by several layers of membranes. However, when the head moves at a great enough velocity to cause the brain to move inside the skull, the brain can be knocked against the bony structures in the cranium and cause serious damage.

Some common symptoms of brain injury are dizziness, seizures, headaches, nausea, ringing in the ears, and changes in vision, smell, and taste. There can also be a decrease in muscular strength and coordination, as well as problems swallowing (dysphagia.) Frequently, problems in cognitive and communication skills can accompany a brain injury as well and can be incredibly debilitating. These include issues with listening, speaking, writing, reading, and gesturing to convey meaning. Understanding of context in a verbal or gestural exchange can also occur. These symptoms can result in family problems, decreased social life, and loss of friends or jobs.

Cognitive skills include attention, orientation, memory, organization, problem solving, reasoning, and judgement. Cognition and communication are closely linked. A certified speech-language pathologist is a professional who provides evaluation and treatment of the cognitive-communication impairments as well as swallowing problems that often result from brain injuries. Some of our most commonly treated patients are high school or university athletes who have suffered brain trauma due to their sport, as well as people who have been in a car accident or have been injured at their job and receive worker’s compensation for treatment of the resulting problems.


Concussions can be extremely frustrating for a patient to deal with. There are often no visual symptoms that someone has concussion syndrome or a mild traumatic brain injury. To the observer it may seem that there is nothing wrong with the individual. In some cases people do not get the care they need and deserve because of this. Here at Vegas Voice Institute we provide cognitive, linguistic and memory treatment for people who are struggling with attention, concentration, memory and speech/language disturbances. Our speech pathologists evaluate and assess deficits to decide the direction of therapy and how to best treat each individual patient. We advocate for our patients to see the right professionals and get the help they need. Often our patients have difficulty getting therapy because of workers comp or attorney liens, so we work our hardest to try and accommodate people as best as we can.