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Since 1998, Linda Ganz, has been helping people who use their voice for a living (singers, actors, entertainers, teachers, public speakers, and other voice professionals) to “strike a cord” by using healthy voice practices on a daily basis. This concept of using an easy and resonant voice has been a lifesaver for our clientele. At Vegas Voice Institute, we focus on improving the professional voice user’s vocal health through education and uses of technology to help them better understand these voice challenges.

Working in Las Vegas, The Entertainment Capital of the World, places unique demands on a person’s voice. The dry climate and exposure to environmental irritants requires that the professional voice user take extra special care of their vocal cords (voice) – much more than most other cities. It is not unusual to hear a singer say “I have performed everywhere from New York City, L.A., and Chicago and never had this type of trouble with my voice”. We are here to help you achieve great results with your voice as well.