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If you have experienced breathing difficulty when inhaling, throat tightness, the feeling of your throat shutting down, or chronic cough then you may be having a VCD attack. Vocal cord dysfunction is commonly misdiagnosed as uncontrolled asthma or chronic cough, often without a full workup. VCD, also referred to as paradoxical vocal fold movement, is highly treatable in our clinic. Most of our patients come to Vegas Voice Institute after numerous hospitalizations or trips to the emergency room. Treatment of VCD involves an entire team working together in order to help the patient recover from this complex condition. If you are feeling that you have some of these symptoms please see our Patient Forms Section and complete the voice VCD history form to identify if you are likely having these problems. Voice therapy is the recommended treatment for patients suffering from VCD and our certified speech, language pathologists have received advanced training in its treatment. They have been administering this treatment to patients for over 17 years. You will be referred to numerous providers that will help make up your VCD team, likely including an allergist, a gastroenterologist, an internal medicine physician, an otolaryngologist, a pulmonologist, and a speech-language pathologist. Let us help you recover from this problem that is affecting your daily life in the workplace, school and in your community.

Living with VCD

VCD Attack
Part 1

Watch our new patient have a VCD attack while running. He was having trouble getting air in and could not breathe.

VCD Attack
Part 2

This video is part 2 of a Vegas Voice Institute’s good friend who was having trouble developing a good exercise workout and could not because of his VCD.

VCD Attack
Post Voice Tx

This is an update of one of our amazing patients who used to have very bad vocal cord dysfunction and therefore extremely bad breathing problems when he ran.