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Linda is a board-certified speech-language pathologist with over 31 years of experience specializing in the treatment of voice, the performer’s voice, swallowing, and neurological disorders affecting speech and language.

Linda developed her interest in music and voice at the age of 4 when her father would sing hymns while she banged on the piano keys. She was enrolled in piano lessons at age 6 and continued to study classical piano, earning a music scholarship at the University. At the suggestion of a professor, Linda observed a voice therapy session and knew that helping people with voice injuries was her calling.

Linda graduated from Northern State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Disorders in 1992. She worked in the education system for 5 years as a speech therapist while completing her Master of Science degree in Speech Pathology with honors at Minot State University in 1996. She has worked in nursing homes, hospitals, and outpatient clinics. She was the head of the speech therapy department at St. Rose Dominican Hospital from 1998-2003 and developed a group therapy program for stroke and head injury patients, as well as the outpatient speech therapy program.

Inspired by her grandmother who had dementia, Linda started the first group cognitive-memory–aphasia program in the city in 1999. She also developed a program for soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan who have sustained a brain injury and are having cognitive-memory problems.

Linda saw a need in Las Vegas for a local specialized voice and swallowing clinic so in 2003, she opened her private practice, Vegas Voice Institute, to fulfill that goal and serve the community. Linda has received extensive training in the field of swallowing disorders and is trained to perform MBS Studies and is also certified to perform Flexible Endoscoptic Evaluation of Swallow (FEES studies).  Linda is Vital Stim certified and sEMG Biofeedback trained in dysphagia.

She is a master trained therapist who performs stroboscopy for treatment of voice problems. She is also certified to perform the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) for Parkinson and PhoRTE voice for aging voices. She received training and provides Myofascial Release Therapy for voice and swallowing problems, and is certified in Manual Voice Technique and trained with Amy Chapman to provide Voice Massage.

Linda is devoted to the training and mentorship of students who are working toward graduating with their master’s degrees in Speech Pathology and collaborates with more than a dozen university speech pathology graduate programs to offer externship placements for training speech pathologists. She desires to give back to the community and enhance the education and training of newly graduated speech pathologists. She has taken on numerous externship students and a CF residents over the years. Linda provided FEES Studies and Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing Training to graduate students of Southeast Missouri State University in 2007. 


Care for Our Professional Voice Athletes Lecture National Athletic Trainers’ Association June 2019 Las Vegas, NV; Davis Phinney National Lecture 02/2015 The Science & Practice of Using a Lee Silverman Voice; Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) and Effects on Speech 08/2013; Oct 2006 Parkinson’s convention speaking on Lee Silverman Voice Tx; Speech & Related Effects on ALS 2004; Speech Difficulties with Multiple Sclerosis 2004;

Linda has been certified by the State of Nevada Speech Board since 1997 and the California Speech Pathology Board since 2009. She is board certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association and has held a certificate of clinical competence in speech-language pathology since 1997.

Linda is happily married to the love of her life, Karl, a physical therapist who shares her passion for helping others. She enjoys playing classical piano, singing in the community, a swimmer, and a proud fan of the Vegas Golden Knights, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.