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Seeking a Speech-Language Pathologist

Start Date: One Calendar Year

Vegas Voice Institute is seeking a highly qualified speech-language pathologist who is a graduate of an accredited Speech-Language Pathology Program. SLP applicants must be interested and dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of patients with swallowing disorders and neurological areas of TBI, Aphasia, Apraxia. Vegas Voice Institute is an outpatient voice and swallowing clinic in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. We are seeking a speech pathologist to work in our general outpatient clinic. Please check us out at www.vegasvoiceinstitute.com. This Speech-Language Pathology position may include:

  • Swallow Evaluations and therapy
  • Aphasia and Neurological Evaluations and therapy i.e. TBI, CVAs, Dementia
  • General Speech Therapy Services
  • Lee Silverman Voice Treatment LSVT treatments
  • Cognitive Therapy
  • Voice Therapy

If applying for the CFs position the placement will allow completion of the 9 months CFs with a 3-month window to assist the candidate in completing and receiving credentialing/licensure paperwork. The CFs candidate will be considered for a permanent full-time position at the end of this CFs year. The candidate should have attended an accredited graduate program in speech-language pathology and completed a master’s program prior to beginning the position. The candidate must have solid experience in the evaluation and treatment of voice and swallowing disorders through graduate student work and those with an emphasis on voice and endoscopy will be considered first. The candidate must have a strong academic background and solid recommendations from their graduate training program and supervisors during their clinical practicum. Interested CFs candidates should send the following items with your intro letter:

1. A curriculum vitae or resume
2. A cover letter documenting your background and interest in speech pathology. Please list your 5 short-term and 2 long-term professional goals.
3. An official transcript sealed in an envelope.
4. 3 letters of recommendation with one from your clinic supervisor/advisor, one from externship supervisor, and one from a professor in class. We required one personal letter from a longtime friend or personal who has known you a long time.

Interested applicants should send the following information to Vegas Voice Institute in one complete packet using the following mailing information: (no email applications please)

Linda L. Ganz MSCCC-SLP 1340 E. Pebble Road #115 Las Vegas, Nevada 89123

If you are a licensed speech-language pathologist with an interest in medical speech pathology we are accepting applications as well.