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Your Neighborhood Speech Pathologists!

By Vincent M. DelGiudice, M.S.CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Here at Vegas Voice Institute, our team of Speech Pathologists has been serving the Greater Las Vegas area since 2003. As speech pathologists we serve a variety of patients. As the name of our business suggests, we treat and educate those in the community who have been affected with voice disorders. But that is not where we stop. Our team of speech pathologists is trained to treat disorders that affect your swallowing, speech, ability to communicate with others, and memory.

At our clinic, we are equipped to perform most of our assessments right in the office. If you are having difficulty with swallowing, we can provide a dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) assessment right here in our office. When a patient comes to us with a voice disorder, we are able to perform a Stroboscopy right in our office as well. A Stroboscopy is an assessment of your vocal cords. Your vocal cords move so fast that we need a strobe light to slow down the movement of your vocal cords to assess what is causing your voice disorder.

Vegas Voice Institute treats all kinds of voice disorders including hoarseness, vocal nodules, muscle tension, quiet or weak voices and vocal cord dysfunction. But we don’t just treat singers with voice disorders. We treat all professional voice users, including teachers, preachers, real estate agents, attorneys, coaches and more recently, all professionals who have begun working remotely. But professional voice users aren’t the only people who have difficulty with their voice. As you get older, it is possible that your vocal cords and voice may weaken and people can have difficulty hearing you. At Vegas Voice Institute we feel it is of the utmost importance to used research-based therapeutic approaches. This means that the therapy has been researched over and over again before we try it out on you. For example, if you have a weak voice, we may use the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment or PhoRTE voice treatment because they are some of the most well researched types of therapy available. That means we know it works.

Vegas Voice Institute can provide you with therapy and exercises to help you improve your ability to communicate whether you are singing on the Las Vegas Strip or you just want to be able to hear your husband from across the room. Feel free to click on the Services tab to discover the therapeutic approaches we use for voice therapy.

Unfortunately, your voice isn’t the only thing that can cause problems with communication. There are a LOT of reasons you may have difficulty with communication. Have you had as stroke? Do you know someone who has suffered from a stroke? At Vegas Voice Institute we treat neurological disorders with different therapeutic approaches to improve language, memory, processing, and speech. These disorders can be caused by a stroke, or other diseases such as dementia, aphasia, brain injuries, and brain tumors.

Although there are certain deficits that may be progressive or permanent, our team is always willing to work with patients and family to find the best ways for you to communicate.

Vegas Voice Institute proudly serves the community of Las Vegas. We appreciate all of our patients, as we feel it is a privilege to have been treating patients here since 2003.

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